Alternator 16/17ACR 55amp with Fan & Pulley - Left Or Right Hand Fitting GEU216

Alternator 16/17ACR 55amp with Fan & Pulley -  Left Or Right Hand Fitting   GEU216

Alternator 16/17ACR 55amp with Fan & Pulley - GEU216

This unit can be adjusted to suit either Left or Right hand mounting on the engine.
Brand new 16/17ACR 55 Amp/Hr alternator

Boasting up to 30% more power over standard units, making them ideal for cars where electronic upgrades demand a higher output from the alternator.

Alternators are supplied complete with fan, pulley and ACR plug retaining clip. 

Note the sizes in the image are nominal and rotation to fit the Right Hand side will require adjustment by the user.

To suit vehicles
Classic Mini
Morris Minor
MG Midget
Austin Maxi
Morris Marina Ital,
Austin / Morris 1100 & 1300
Triumph Spitfire Mk4 & 1500,
Triumph GT6
Triumph Vitesse
Triumph TR6
Ford Escort Mk1 & Mk2, Capri 1300, (OHV engines), Mk2 Cortina etc…..
Hillman, Humber, Sunbeam, Singer 1600 & 1725cc engine....
Minx, Superminx, Hawk, Rapier, 80, 90, Hunter.
Land Rover 88, 109, 110. Series IIa & III 1965 to 1985
Vauxhall VX 1800, 2200, Viva.
Jensen Healey
This alternator fits the following vehicles with a simple DIY modification:
Ford Cortina, Capri, Transit with OHC (Pinto) engine
Triumph TR7
Reliant Scimitar GTE

For the wiring plug, please see GEU250
For UK made 55 Amp unit with 2 years warranty see:
Left Hand Mount: RAC057
Right Hand Mount: RAC056
For the Morris Minor Conversion Kit please see our item ALTK
For Mounting Kit please see Item ALT-A

Ignition Warning Light Trouble Shooting. (LED Users beware)
At low RPM the alternator requires a voltage supply from the battery via the ignition light circuit to energize the stator within the alternator in order that the alternator can produce a charge. Because a conventional filament bulb is effectively a resistor it can pass voltage from the battery to the alternator to energize the stator, a Light Emitting Diode (LED) however passes current one way only i.e it cannot pass voltage from the battery to the alternator, so the circuit cannot energize the stator and create a charge.
If an LED is fitted within the warning lamp circuit the ignition warning light will stay on and the alternator will not charge below 2500rpm. When the rpm is raised above 2500rpm the alternator self-energizes dispensing with need for supply via the ignition warning light circuit and the LED will go out. The issue has only recently come to 'light' with owners altering their dash bulbs to LED.

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