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Lucas system

Lucas system
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Fits Lucas 22d6 & 25d6 6 cylinder distributors fitted to many 1960s 6 cylinder british vehiclesthis cap takes screwed-in HT leads and comes with acorn nuts and Brass washersGenuine Jaguar or Intermotor part supplied depending on stock, Ma..
Lucas 410600 plastic acorn nut for Lucas distributor caps with screwed HT connections.  ..
Side entry Distributor cap for 25d4 Lucas distributorsUprated version with BRASS terminals.This cap is an alternative to the DDB110 lucas side entry cap and has it's 'mouse hole' cut-out for the low tension lead at 90 degrees to t..
Standard top entry Distributor cap for 25d4 Lucas distributorsPlease note that some car models have 2 or more different distributor types fitted. Please check you do have a 25d4 distributor.. it should say on the top of the metal casting next to ..
DDB110 Side entry distributor cap to suit DM2 (DM2P4) and 25d4 distributorsThis cap has a cut out for the low tension lead which either fastens with a nut onto a terminal or with a Lucar (spade) connector. The low tension lead connects at the opp..
$34.50 $49.94
DDB111 distributor cap to suit Lucas DKY4A distributorsThis cap comes with Brass washers and acorn nutsBelow are some vehicles originally fitted with the DKY4A distributor, please check that your distributor hasn't been replaced with a di..
$37.95 $46.00
Lucas 45D6 Distributor Cap GDC137, Lucas part number: DDB113.applications include the following 6 cylinder cars:JAGUAR   Daimler Limousine  1975-91Daimler Sovereign 3.4  1974-79   Daimler Sovereign 4.2  1975-7..
$34.50 $46.69
DDB116 distributor cap to suit Lucas 22d6 and 25d6 distributorsThis cap takes side entry leads and is suitable for both copper core and silicone HT leads.Below are some vehicles originally fitted with the DDB116  distributor cap, please ..
Lucas 22d 6 & 25D6 Distributor Cap for push in HT leads, GDC115, Lucas DDB117.Ac Ace 1963  Aston Martin  Austin Healey 3000 1963 - 68  Austin 1968-71 A90, A95, A105, A110 All 6 cylinder models  Land Rover ser..
$32.20 $36.80