COVID Alert Level 3 - Auckland  22/09/2021

Our online ordering is operational . We allow Contactless Pick up and Payment...

but no entry into the premises please !

Call Ahead to book your pickup please  09-9157179

NZ Post Courier Deliveries have been amazing through this lockdown.

The Courier system has coped far better with this Lock Down period than previously and so orders are flowing through without any problems.

But you can still get your Classic car parts Here!!

Stock arrivals and Availabilty.  A bit of extra Information for our Customers.

Going forward we are now able to insert Estimated Arrival Dates for items arriving into our facilty.  When we have confirmed dates you will see the date showing in the red angled Date tag on the left corner of the first image. When we do not have active orders placed for an item or it is not immediately available from our suppliers you will see the words Pre-Order applied to the date tag. The ETA Date system is working very well now... We just have to take care we dont over commit !!  We hope this will assist you when planning your purchases. We will endeavour to update this info as and when it becomes available.See the Yellow Arrow!!

We have some changes to our Order System as well.

  1. Forward orders are accepted on the basis that we will reserve your items for a period of  5 ( Five) Working Days  if they are currently in stock without payment. If they are not paid within that time period the stock will be returned to the racks and may be on sold to the next customer.
  2. Orders for items that are incoming from overseas will be subject to a 20% Deposit, paid within  5 (Five) Working Days of the order being confirmed by us. The balance of the amount due will be collected prior to delivery or pick-up of the item.
  3. Orders for product that proves to be “No Longer Available” will be cancelled and money received will be refunded to you as soon as we are aware of the change in status.


We really have made a huge effort with our range of

Electronic Ignition Kits

and Distributors from our chosen brand POWERSPARK

We have expanded our offering and every day we get new

interest and new models taking the kits on board

The Range of Distrbutors is also attracting

a lot of interest and we are really pleased to bring

this range of vital Classic

Car necessities to New Zealnd

Click on the Images and view the ranges!!


Hawkswood Classics is thrilled to launch a new Range of LED Lighting options for Classic Cars in New Zealand.

Partenering with Classic Car LEDS out of the United Kingdom we have set up a range to cater for the Classic car market in this country. Stocks have just arrived ...... Joins us as we learn all about this technology!!

We have enjoyed working with the team in the UK to bring you this range and we are thrilled to offer the convenience of purchasing it in New Zealand

Click on this Triumph TR6 picture below to see the range.



We now have the Fantastic Range of Powerlite and Dynalite products in stock in New Zealand.

Made in The United Kingdom and excellent Quality this range of High Torque Starter Motors and Alternators will really add value and reliabilty to your Classic Car.

The High Torque Starters come with a well proven track record for reliabilty and construction.

The Alternators, being almost indistinguishable from the traditional Lucas Generators or Dynamo's, provide modern technolgy inside a retro style casing. 

Have a look by clicking on this Powerlite Logo. It will take you directly to our range.


New into the Range.....and this is a product range we have personally used on two of our Classic Rebuilds

The replacement of Brake Lines from the often damaged , kinked or rusty originals has always created a bit of a headache.

We have just landed our first shipment from AUTOMEC, a company that specializes in the manufacture and supply of Copper-Nickel Brake lines.

The Kits are dedicated per vehicle types and we have taken a stab at a range for our market. There are many model types availble and we will expand the offering as support grows for the concept.

At the same time when you are doing the job, think about using Dot5 Silicone Brake fluid in your system.

Read the data on the leaflets !!

Click on the Automec Green Box or one of the pictures below and the link will take you directly to the Range!!